Yet another wonderful event for Sing Australia this past week.

Last Thursday, 23 members from across our Sydney groups came together as a combined Sydney choir to join 18 other community choirs at this year’s Sing Out Sydney event hosted by ABC Radio Sydney as part of Ausmusic month. The event was held in the rather grand Pitt St Uniting Church in the city, and compered by Robbie Buck and Wendy Harmer of ABC Radio.

The ABC were overwhelmed with applications to participate and so we were very lucky to be selected. Alas, Sing Australia were not chosen to perform on this occasion but we witnessed an amazing variety of performances from singers and conductors from eight of the choirs attending. The event culminated with all 500+ singers joining in for the first time to perform a memorable rendition of Nick Cave's The Ship Song in four parts….and the result was amazing!

For all attending, it was a fabulous experience and we hope that we can participate once again in future events planned. A special thank you to the ABC, and Sarah Penicka-Smith for the song arrangement and brilliant conducting.


Steve Openshaw
Co-Leader / Sing Australia Gordon

Comment: Thanks for the terrific article and photos Steve. What a wonderful event to experience and to sing a work of Nick Cave. What fun! Well done to all involved.

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Sing Australia Glenelg - Mitcham Remembers ...

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Hi to fellow performers

What a night eh?! That will have to go down in the all time memorable gig list. Thanks to everyone for taking the risk and going with the flow. I think we did ourselves and Sing Australia proud, and added to the atmosphere of the first public Sing Along Concert led by Jim Paterson of the BordererS, Gerry Masi of Lucifers Lounge and Steve Fleming of the Peter Combe band. How amazing it was to be at the front of the standing, waving and singing crowd for the ever popular Sweet Caroline. Jim, Gerry Steve and Chris (on the overheads) were of course happy with the number and enthusiasm of the crowd (I think about 180), and almost capacity for the Goodwood Institute. We are hoping that some of those enthusiastic singers might come and check us out, we certainly had plenty of great advertising.

Thanks to Katie who is a friend of Jim and Alex of the BordererS which led to this gig. Not sure if Jim anticipated the level of our support, but thanks to him for also going with the flow. It was also fantastic that Katie was able to be put up on the stage.

Here are some photos of the night taken by Logan, the sound technician who happens to be our local Barista!


Comment: Wow - you guys just go from one gig to another. Wonderful stuff. Hugely proud of you. Thanks for sending the report and the photos. I am sure you are right. Everyone will remember that one for a while.

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