Hi Colin,

Another fun gig at Walmsley Friendship Village. Many singers and chair dancers in the audience, always lovely to see the residents thoroughly enjoying themselves! James had a fantastic arm workout, he and Jane dealt admirably with the awkward stage and piano positioning. Also nice to see our members merrily performing and getting right into it. Big thanks to Shelly the Lifestyle Coordinator who put on afternoon tea for us to enjoy following the gig, so nice of her!

Comment: Looks like fun. Nice work all round. It gives you a great feeling to know the joy you give is so appreciated.

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Hi Colin
I would love to share with you our Thursday night fun!

Oh what fun we had at our 'Back to School' Night!
Several prefects were present however they were outnumbered by the naughty students. Our teacher, Miss Jenny, had her hands full keeping them under control.
Miss Jenny donated a prize for the best dressed & this was awarded by Miss Joyce to Ute for her dressing up skills 2 weeks in a row. Sue and Graeme also received a mention. Miss Joyce also gave us a history lesson on how she was introduced to gum by the American soldiers. This conversation was brought about because some of us needed to remove our gum before singing.
It comes as no surprise we had a fabulous night of singing and silliness!
Mary Geddie, Leader and Accompanist Riverland, Sth Aust.

Comment: You naughty children! Please write out 100 times 'I must wear my school uniform and I must not play up'. When I first glimpsed at these photos my first thought was I am not permitted to post photos of children. So you nearly had me fooled BUT I reckon its pretty safe!! I reckon a few more 'kids' might want to join you. Thanks for the report and fun photos Mary. What a hoot.

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Hi Colin,

Sing Australia Devonport has had an unsettled start to the year.

Members never missed a good song though, with stand in conductor and accompanist the first few weeks, until things have now resolved themselves.

Sadly, our previous accompanist. Meg has been hit with a medical issue and has put SA on hold for a few months at this stage. Last week Libby Meijer played for the session and smiled the whole way through and posted a nice comment on our facebook page. I’d say Libby is a keeper!

Alex Morse led us for the first time this year and her professionalism is welcomed. We have 2 gigs for this month – both were requests, and some other plans being worked on.

So exciting to have 4 brand new people, and a transferred member from SA Gawler and a returned past member. We had a St Valentines Day theme last Wed evening with pink heart name tags adorning us.

It is a happy group – that’s what it’s all about, eh?

I have applied for a grant from our local council specifically for a free standing promotional flag.

Hopeful of receiving it!

Regards Wilma Aherne, Leader, Devonport

Comment: Thanks for the great and positive report. Well done on lots of fronts. Please pass on our warmest wishes to Meg for a speedy recovery. A big welcome to the newies. Hope they continue to love you happy group - yes thats what it is about Wilma. Good luck with the Grant application. Love the Valentine's theme. Lots of romantics in there

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